Rebecca Culley, known to us as Beci, can not be classified into one particular category. There is no one career field that defines her, or even comes close. Professionally, Beci has excelled in her career as a Graphic Artist, Painter, Make-up Artist, Model, Singer, Songwriter, and Designer. When It comes to all things Art, Beci has done it, and excelled in it. Her work has been featured internationally as people begin to discover what a joy it is to work with her. On a personal level, Beci is a delight to the people she comes in contact with. Her infectious laugh brings light to anyone within earshot. She loves all people and it is for others that she does her work. Beci delights in making others feel loved, feel wanted, and feel gorgeous through her voice, her art work, and her design. The passion in Beci's work shines through to anyone who interacts with it, or with her.